A company or organisation without an web site doesn’t exist for their clients.

Everyone is looking for information on the internet and if you dont find it there, you presume the company or the service does not exist. Therefore it is imperative to have a good looking and informative internet site. Earlier it was very expensive to get a site, but now, thanks to www.hemsidor.eu , anyone can get an own site for as low as 299€.


Now you can for only

99€ 299€

offer valid until the 28/2 2021

WE do websites.

so YOU will be seen

We want that your websites shall be seen by as many of your customers as possible.

We are a small company working for other small companies and organisations. We know that money and cost is important, so we have reduced the cost for an own web site to a fraction of the normal price.

Websites that touch

A website must have “content“. Without content, a website is useless. Essential information must be found easily and quickly. The more you can engage your visitors, the more return visits you get. 

The website www.IGLABO.se tells stories about people who lived on the farm Iglabo and beyond. 

Designed for mobile

60% surf with the phone

More than half of all internet reading takes place on smartphones. Therefore, it is important that the website is made to fit this smaller format. When we make a website, it is adapted from the beginning so that it is perfectly visible on phones.

On the website www.umanz.se, lots of goods are sold at extremely low prices. You quickly get an overview of what is sold and what it costs. If you want an online store, we will do it for you.

We help you with the design!

Works everywhere

All computers and phones are different.

There are thousands of models and sizes of computers, tablets, and phones. However, your website must work equally well on everyone regardless of size, system, and model. MYTOZ is an app and website where you earn points when you see advertising and these points can be used as payment in the MYTOZ webshop. The website www.mytoz.com works perfectly both on computers and on tablets and phones.

We make sure your website works everywhere!

Money is important

We are a small company that works to make other small companies and organizations visible. We know that as a small business owner you do not have a lot of money to spend on expensive solutions, but that you still want to be seen. That is why we make simple, informative websites that provide all the information needed, but which do not have any unnecessary frills, which only cost money.

The price?

An important question is of course how much it costs to get a website. The truth is that it is impossible to say if you do not know what the website should be like. Large companies and authorities hundreds of thousands of Euro on their websites. Of course, small businesses and organisations can not do that.

We help you!

We have made it easy for you who want a nice informative website that shows where you are, where you are, what you do and how to contact you. These are the most important components of any website.

We make a complete website with an attractive design for a standard price of 299€.

Until 28/2 2021, a website with us only costs:


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Results matter

Web site in 72 hours

We normally produce a website for you in 78 hours. If you want, we will also get you a domain, logo, email, and photos to use on the site-

Contact us immediately to find out how it works.

We can of course make a more complex and complete website for you. Maybe you want to start an online store? No problem. We will arrange it for you.

Or maybe you want a membership club for your association. We take care of that for you and build it into your website.

Send us an email and we will help you.